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An Animal’s Christmas: Nativity from a Four-legged Point of View available for Kindle


My latest novel:

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Bones of the Dark Moon:  A Contemporary Novel Exploring Bali’s 1965 Massacres


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Bones of the Dark Moon: Signed First Edition

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“Deftly weaving the memories and legacies of this grim past into the tensions of modern-day life in Bali, Richard Lewis weaves a tangled plot web of circumstance, shadow and human tragedy. This is a powerful novel about Balinese memories of a terrible time.”  — Robert Cribb, Professor of Asian Politics and History, Australian National University

His portrayal of Nol, one of the leading characters—of Nol’s traumatic history and marginal geography—exhibits his intimacy with the daily life of an ordinary Balinese. The novel moves effortlessly from the outside to the inside, and vice versa—which is to me very appealing. Bones of the Dark Moon is a novel that manages to free itself from its own version of Indonesia’s frightful past. It is rich with close-ups of regrets, fear, sadness, and moments of happiness. It allows the quiet force of ambiguity to play. At the end, the human survives the crushing strides of political history.
— Goenawan Mohamad, founder and editor of Indonesia’s Tempo Magazine, International Editor of the Year 1999, recipient of the Dan David Prize award, 2006.

A captivating novel that highlights a dark but fascinating history in Bali during the cold war. It also offers an interesting and educational glimpse into the culture and complicated relationships of this part of the world. It accomplishes all of this while providing a suspenseful mystery.”
–Kevin Holtsberry, Collected Miscellany

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WELCOME to the homepage of critically acclaimed author Richard (E.) Lewis. (And here’s something critically acclaimed authors don’t tell you: occasionally but inevitably they’ve been critically accursed, too. It just goes with the territory of putting your stories out there in public).

Briefly, I was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, where my folks were American missionaries, and where I still live with my family after a stint of higher education in America. Much of my fiction has multicultural themes but basically I’m just a storyteller trying to tell a good yarn. You can find out more about me on the ABOUT page.

I have a vivid memory of me sprawled on the cool cement floor of the gloomy, Dutch colonial-era house where we lived in Klungkung, East Bali, writing in a notebook my first story about a yawn that traveled around the world. Since then, my fiction has been (traditionally) print published in magazines and by publishing houses, has won awards, has been optioned for Hollywood movies, and sometimes has sunk away unnoticed into the abyssal depths. My best known novel is probably THE KILLING SEA, a story about the 2004 tsunami that stunned the world. Click on the links in above to find out more about my novels and stories.